This is a one of its kind enterprise platform that comes with mobile application built to provide easy connection between drivers and vehicle owners. It is an accredited system that provides a reliable base of Drivers from which vehicle owners can select drivers that best suits their needs. The product thereby help to bridge the gap by connecting reliable, experienced and accredited Drivers with verified car Owners.

Reliable Electricity Payment and Token Vending Solution that enables online vending access to user 24/7, it is an open platform with web, mobile channel, USSD channels and interface with the bank for online payment. It comes with agency interface that helps our customers create agent outlets in their catchment areas for ease of access to their subscribers.

PoplarPower offers dedicated support infrastructure with administration portal to efficiently manage our service offerings to the delight of our customer.

Poplar Broadcast Solution
POPLAR is a Mobile Multi Broadcast Solution that enables subscriber’s access to online music, messages etc in video, audio or in data format using internet enabled phone. It provides a platform that is accessible to all interested subscribers worldwide. It offers solution to content providers who wish to offer their content over the internet; they can do it in streaming format or as download option. The Poplar Solution avails people the opportunity to utilise their GSM phones optimally, by subscribing to the platform and having access to undiluted information with their mobile phones.

Poplar Mobile Delivery Solution – PMDS
The solution enables online mobile interaction between our clients and their customers, it comes with Customised Mobile application for customers with plain text option enabling mobile retail sales and automated payments, automated mobile enquiry of status, balance, expiration or payment due dates, payments alert etc. It comes with web interface for tracking by customer support personnel and corporate customers.

SMS Alert System/Bulk SMS Application
We provide our customers with future-proof messaging, built on our principle of excellence, which is easily integrated or used in any business or mobile network. A powerful and proprietary plug & play application that interfaces with databases generating high-volume SMS. Whether core banking, insurance or CRM/ERM applications, DB Connector allows multiple database instances using simple plug-ins to automatically generate SMS from information stored on databases. Our API and Web interface for Bulk SMS has flexible and customisable administrative module to manage SMS activities and users. – BUSINESS SMS SOLUTION 

The Closed User Group Call (CUG) Service
This is a facility that enables all subscribers to make 24hrs free calls to one another on every day and every month. You also enjoy cost effective calls to other networks. Click here for more details. Note Update list of clients

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